How to Draw Children

We’ve already shared with you a lot of drawing tutorials. Some of them teach how to draw human heads; others explain how to draw human bodies, hair, etc. Still, we have never provided tips for drawing children. We believe there’s no point waiting. So, listed below are 7 video tutorials that teach how to draw babies.

These tutorials are simple, yet cute and realistic. You can use them to learn what it takes to draw a baby. In fact, the tutorials offer various techniques, such as drawing from pictures, drawing from mind, drawing from life, etc.

As you can see, you have many tutorials to choose from, but whatever tutorial you choose, you’ll get useful tips on how to draw children. Just follow step by step instructions and have fun drawing boys and girls!

My drawing – Baby by EDWTDW

Baby Charcoal/smudging Portrait by ThePortraitArt

Baby Sketch Part 1 by lonhaverly

Baby Part 2 by lonhaverly

How to draw a sleeping baby by Gordon Bruce by ebaysellerbarca317

How to draw a child in MS Paint by michaelembraer

Drawing a girl face (desenho do rosto de uma menina) by artistajunior

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