Free Vector Illustration – a Glass of Wine and Slice of Cheese

Good wine with slice of cheese is always a sign of good taste. So if you need something to make your project delicious and refined then the Free Vector Illustration of the Week from may suit you.

The image shows uncorked bottle of red wine and two wineglasses half-filled with sparkling liquid. Near is a notched piece of cheese. And all this things create an atmosphere of romance and trust. Try this free vector illustration in your project and ensure the freebie quality.

Free product of the week

You should just note that the image is intended for your personal or educational needs only. You should not speculate on the outcome of someone else work.

And this free vector illustration is free only for one week (from 28th September till 5th October). After this short period the other free product will be available to download.

And now you are free to enjoy the free product of the week.

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