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Illustrator portfolios: Part 2

Friday, May 29th, 2009

As for me every illustrator should have an online portfolio to get his/her work noticed. Each illustrator portfolio is a showcase of artist’s talent and creativity. It helps us see an illustrator’s works and get a better perception of who he/she is. These days a lot of illustrators build their portfolios. However just a few [...]

Free illustration featuring a girl in headphones

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

3 tips when looking for free illustrations: Visit web designers’ resource Login into your account at or register a free account with this site Download free illustrations because this site offers a free illustration every week This week (May 26th, 2009 – June 1st, 2009) you can download a Free Illustration featuring a [...]

Free illustration of a tender girl in pink

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

How do you like pink web sites and blogs? Do you believe pink fits only little girls or can it be broadly used in web design? If you like pink color you’ll enjoy a Free Illustration of a tender girl in pink. This illustration is just perfect for online clothing stores, online accessories stores, online [...]

Free illustration of a beautiful woman with grapes

Tuesday, May 12th, 2009

Tuesday has come as well as free illustration from Starting from today and running all week you can download a free illustration of a beautiful woman with green grapes. This illustration is a nice solution for health care blogs, beauty sites, women’s site and other online and offline projects. Sparkling green eyes, charming smile [...]

Illustrator portfolios: Part 1

Friday, May 8th, 2009

Today we start a new category called Illustrator Portfolios. From now on we’ll show you websites that belong to talented illustrators. Thus, you’ll discover famous illustrators and their works. At the same time you’ll be able to see the most recent trends in creating illustrator portfolios. I bet Illustrator Portfolios will inspire you in your [...]

Free illustration of a tea pot and tea cups

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009

If you are a regular reader, you already know what I’m going to tell you today. Yes, you are right: another free illustration is available on It’s a free illustration of a tea pot and tea cups. Also you can see greens and a mountain there. This illustration is just perfect for a health [...]

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