12 Video Tutorials on Gesture Drawing

Hopefully you remember our post introducing the most helpful video tutorials on how to draw human body. It was aimed at beginners as well as everyone who is looking for new sources of knowledge and inspiration. Although, the tutorials we’ve told you about are really useful they lack some important tips. With this said we mean that all these tutorials focus on static view of the human body.

So today we’d like to add motion to your drawings and that’s why we suggest you a list of video tutorials which teach how to draw gestures as well as human body in motion.

Drawing Bodies by Sycra

Gesture Drawing by gamename14

Human Gestures by cab484

10 min pose life drawing by bkyi44

Gesture drawing – arrangement exercise by maretar

1-2 Minute Figure Drawing Poses by ChoctawWillie

Speedpainting woman sitting by feargear11

How to Draw an Action Figure by mchampey

Constructing the figure from your Imagination by vilppustore

Speed Drawing Dynamic pose by ZAFR1C

8 min pose Life drawing Demo by bkyi44

sketching a pose by nx3fox

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